Manage and Prevent Chronic Disease

The Missouri Department of Mental Health estimates nearly one in five adults experience mental illness and one in 13 adults have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder. A shortage of mental health and substance abuse health providers in the Northland amplifies the problem.
Manage and Prevent Chronic Disease

How the NHA can help

The Northland Health Alliance (NHA) is committed to helping improve the overall health of the Northland community through advancing healthy lifestyles, thus decreasing the incidence of our highest chronic disease rankings.
1. Promote a healthy body weight: Promote health and reduce chronic disease risks through the consumption of healthful diets and achievement and maintenance of healthy body weights

2. Increase physical activity: Mobilize the Northland community to increase physical activity, with a focus on walking, through effective changes in systems and communities

3. Reduce tobacco and nicotine use: Reduce tobacco/nicotine use in the Northland by decreasing the number of current users and preventing new users from starting

Current Resources

Tobacco 21, an initiative to raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco from 18 to 21, was passed in Kansas City, Missouri, and Gladstone (others are pending)

• Both Clay and Platte County health departments provide WIC services and the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy program

• The Clay County Public Health Center offers a family case management program and the Liberty Community Health Action Team, formed to address the issue of childhood obesity

• Platte County Health Department offers the following programs: Get up and Move Platte City media campaign, walking and running clubs at YMCAs, Missouri Move Smart Child Care program

► Cancer is the leading cause of death

  • In both Clay & Platte Counties, lung and bronchus cancer rank the highest

► Heart Disease

  • Chest pain is one of the top five diagnoses in Northland hospital emergency room visits

► Diabetes

  • Leading inpatient diagnosis in uninsured population

Chronic Disease Comparisons

Chronic Disease Comparison-

Chronic Disease – Risk Factors

• Tobacco Use

  • Usage was leading cited behavior in Northland hospital emergency room visits
  • In Missouri, the adult smoking rate is the ninth highest in the U.S. (22.1 percent in 2013)

► Obesity

  • Missouri has the 16th highest rate of adult obesity in America at 30.4% (BMI of 30 or more)
  • In Clay County, 28% of the population is obese
  • In Platte County, 30% of the population is obese
  • More than 80% adults do not eat an adequate diet of fruits and vegetables
  • More than 25% of adults reported that they do not participate in any leisure time physical activity