Access to Healthy Food

Access to Food 1
Manage and Prevent Chronic Disease
Access to Food 3

Ensure easy and equitable access to healthy food for
socially vulnerable populations experiencing financial, transportation, or
geographic barriers to access.

Click here for a list of health food resources in the Northland

Goal 1

Develop and support an environment where accessing and preparing healthy food is the easy choice.

Sample Key Performance Indicators:

• # of food access points and/or hours of operation for these access points in underserved census tracts increase
• WIC/SNAP enrollment in underserved census tracts increases

Goal 2

Work with community organizations to promote and enable access to culturally diverse and nutritious foods.

Sample Key Performance Indicators:

• Culturally responsive food lists created/shared with the community by 2023
• Amount of culturally responsive food distributed at pantries/food distribution sites increases Baseline in 2024

Supporting Data from the CHA

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