Access to Transportation

Enhance transportation options for socially vulnerable individuals
living in the Northland who do not have equitable access to reliable
transportation for their health and livelihoods.

Goal 1

Address the root causes of a disjointed public transportation system across the Northland to improve health outcomes
for communities reliant on these transportation methods.

Sample Key Performance Indicators:

• By year 3, reduce commute time by X for individuals reliant on public transportation in the Northland
• Influence or inform the implementation of at least one transportation policy adopted by policy organizations on which NHA is represented.

Goal 2

Enhance, introduce, or improve third party transportation options for individuals without reliable transportation.

Sample Key Performance Indicators:

• # of rides provided to patients/individuals thru NHA partners increases (Baseline set 2023)
• # of rides provided to individuals living in rural communities Increases
• # of 3rd party providers offering service to underserved zip code increases (Baseline set 2023)

Goal 3

Create and maintain a Transportation Resource Hub for the Northland.

Sample Key Performance Indicators:

• Resource hub established by June 2023

Supporting Data from the CHA

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