Our Initiatives

In 2015, the NHA conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) that brought together information from resident surveys, public health data, census reports, and hospital data to identify the most critical health problems in the Northland. We formed task-force groups to address the following key initiatives.

How do we improve the health of our community, and ultimately, the quality of the life for our citizens?


Improve Access to Health Care

Access to quality health care, especially primary care, is essential to improving an individual’s health and a community’s health as a whole. Primary care providers screen for major, health-related conditions and help manage chronic conditions. They also provide preventive services such as vaccinations, health screenings and routine exams.

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Improve Access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

The Missouri Department of Mental Health estimates nearly one in five adults experience mental illness and one in 13 adults have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder. A shortage of mental health and substance abuse health providers in the Northland amplifies the problem.

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Manage and Prevent Chronic Disease

The Northland has high instances of chronic disease including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The community also ranks high for chronic disease risk factors including tobacco use and obesity.

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